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Shitcoin is the first token of its type, created by and for the people, and it was given to the Solana community as a 100% airdrop.

We made the decision to establish a community-building cryptocurrency asset that brings the like-minded Solana community together because we are sick of individuals abusing cryptocurrencies.

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We are currently working on the second phase of our project, which involves growing the Solana blockchain and using it to channel new inventions for good, as well as developing a venture philanthropy model to spread those discoveries across the globe.

We are innovating for good because we are closely connected to and motivated by our award-winning community, "The Solana army." Building blockchain, commerce, metaverse, and NFT technologies to employ cryptocurrency technology more effectively and create new types of value.

Shitcoin is a deflationary meme token with a community focus that is a component of the Solana ecosystem's expansion.




The massive total supply of Shitcoin tokens is 99 quadrillion, a number with 15 zeros after it. Which can be explained by the decrease in supply caused by the ongoing burning of Shitcoin tokens.


The Shitcoin Tokenomics has become more accessible to token liquidity providers as Shitcoin aims to improve the bar for this industry sector, releasing further community potential to collaborate on worthwhile initiatives.

99,666,666,666,666 Tokens  100% Airdropped to Solana Holders

✔ Automatic and manual burning.

✔ Our goal is to restore liquidity in Solana.

✔ Burning continuously to deflate the token.


Humans have created a variety of systems over the course of history to support the development of their civilisation. Rules must be followed in order for a system to function correctly. For each system to operate as intended, a set of rules had to be followed. Systems are still constructed using rules that must be obeyed, whether manually or automatically. The Shitcoin cryptocurrency's tokenomics include its supply, network fees, token distribution, governance, and a number of other elements that affect how well it performs. When we contrast cryptocurrencies with fiat money, we can see that tokenomics is what monetary policy is to fiat money.




Fraud and improper usage of power have affected Solana, which has an impact on the surrounding community and ecosystem. In order to restore the people's authority and make this network great once more, shitcoin was developed to wrest control away from the predators.


Shitcoin will be given as a 100% airdrop to the entire Solana community, giving everyone an equal opportunity. Working alongside other Solana projects, we intend to establish ourselves as the actual Solana community. All owners of the native SOL token, including NFT degens, will receive a 100% airdrop.

✔ Shitcoin intends to donate 1% of each transaction to the Solana Lab in order to upgrade the Solana Ecosystem and continue to enhance its monolithic chain.

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Future lies with Solana. The Solana blockchain gives consumers reduced transaction fees and is exceptionally stable and effective. These elements work together to make the coin potentially a successful long-term investment.

Although much more controlled than Ethereum, it nonetheless manages to withstand significant outages and interruptions. Sol has a position in a variety of transactions, such as NFT sales. Because of support from a devoted community, like Shitcoin, and others who are expanding the Ecosystem, it will continue to rise.

The fact that Solana only has a few thousand validators in its network is a significant issue. To be a true competitor to Ethereum, we intend to give 1% of our fees to the ecosystem in order to attract more validators and support more active projects. Voting fees for Solana network validators could be expensive at 1.1 SOL per day, which may contribute to a low number of validators on the network.

The value of the Ecosystem stands out by consistently demonstrating development and promise in the case of Solana, an impressive cryptocurrency with a strong and devoted community. However, Solana still has a lot of potential if we can increase the network's security. It is a great idea because of the blockchain's incredible speed and inexpensive prices.

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✔ Shitcoin also intends to support Solana NFT, which contributed significantly to the network's success before the sharp decline because of the connections to FTX..

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